Sunday, 22 November 2015

Dina Wakley

Spent all day yesterday in 2 classes with the fabulous Dina Wakley, a once in a lifetime experience.
Dina is such a amazing teacher, very patient explains & demonstrates till you understand.
She spoke to me about my absolute fear of drawing faces.
Explained how many famous artists actually trace their work.
That it is ok to copy as long as you give credit to the artist whose work inspired you.
practice,practice, practice is the way you will find your style.
I thank you Dina for clearing a lot of the fear for me.
Here are a couple of pics from the class, hope to have some more a bit later today.

Dina teaching

Dina's sample

Dina's sample

(Not Dina's ) Guess you have to start somewhere


Happy with these two samples 

Love the process

a little note from Dina xxxx

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