Saturday, 2 May 2015

What a difference a day makes !!

Over the last month or so I was ready to shut the shop permanently !!!
People can be so rude.
However today I am so glad I didn't.
This morning I had the pleasure of meeting a new customer.
She is an amazing artist, Rhonda Nadasdy.
 I have been to her website, MudMarks & Blog
Her art took my breath away.
You all need to take a look.
Great start to my day .....
We are so lucky to be able to create art & meet such 
talented people in our work.


Julie Henderson said...

I was so sorry you have had a bad time with rude people. My advice is just to ignore their rudeness and from the heart wish them that their day get better. Everyone has bad days but no excuse to take out on others So to combat their sad lives - change their day by wishing them well and may YOU not have any more rude people or bad tempered people cross your path.
Wishing you a really lovely day and so pleased that the talent of an artist has lifted your spirits

Karen Meier said...

Thank you for that Julie xxx