Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Handmade Journal

I am very excited about this new journal.
This journal has been handmade for me by Melita Bloomer & I just loooove it.
I simply gave her some of my -
half done pages, stuff i didn't like, tags tags tags from classes I have done, bits & pieces of favourite papers & she handed me back a beautiful hand bound journal that has stuff that really should have gone in the bin ( well maybe not, I can't throw anything out)It looks & feels soooo amazing I can't explain it. You can have one too.
Melita is making them for anyone who wants to give their "imperfect " pages etc a home.
What an amazing present for that Arty friend who has everything.
Also no two are the same as they have your or Melita's painted pages in them.
I have a couple of pre made ones in stock which have Melita's painted pages in them.
If you would like a custom one then gather up some of your odds & ends either drop them off to me or post them & I can get them to Melita to work her magic.
Here are a couple of pages from my new journal -

Cover - I chose plain cover & spine so I can decorate it myself.

 Cataglogue & magazine pages

 Scrpabooking papers,watercolour paper black cardstock

left over tags

My first page done - tags on the right side were already painted so I have just stamped over them.


Seth said...

What a great present...and wonderful first spread!

Karen Meier said...

Thanks Seth
I just love the fact the all those bits of projects that I have discarded over the years can be born again ......