Monday, 25 August 2014

My Seth Apter Technique Page

 I have finished 2 projects today, hip hip hooray !!!
My "Unfinished" page is done using Seth Apter techniques.
I wanted to get another piece done quickly so I would remember the "how to"
For this piece I have used 2 of his Stencils -

How about the one below ??
Had a play with the special effects on my phone 
I loove it ....

Special Effects

 My sample "Shine"  
On this page I have used 
You can't tell from this picture but the shimmer 
is gorgeous
Restock of Izinks should be here today or tomorrow 
or maybe next year !!!!!!
Played with the special effects on this one too

Special Effects


Seth said...

Wonderful, wonderful creations. And a pleasure to have met you at Art is You..and to have a chance to be creative together!

Teresa Abajo said...

Go Karen! Love these pages - well done for playing with the techniques Seth taught!

Karen Meier said...

Thank you both for a fabulous night xxxx