Monday, 10 September 2012

Suicide Awareness Day

I am posting this for my friend, Sal who was very close to a family that have had to deal with this tragedy recently.
Please help support the family by watching Four Corners tonight at 8.30pm
Here is Sal's message below - 
It's heartbreaking that you had to leave us for me to be wanting to raise awareness to this day tomorrow but sadly it is true. Tomorrow is Suicide Awareness Day. I will wear something yellow. I will write Love on my wrist. I will burn a candle in my window and it will all be for you Paigey. I ask my friends and family to do the same. Think of a beautiful girl who has touched the lives of many and left a void that aches terribly. Please watch Four Corners tomorrow night at 8.30pm. My friend Dee has been so brave in doing this interview and I want everyone to support and stand beside her as she stands for her beautiful daughter Paige Rose Menzies. Hopefully we can help to heal the pain so many feel and put a stop to suicide. Miss you Paigey x

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