Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Traditions

I am the one in my family that has kept up the Christmas traditions .
My star sign is Gemini so normally I would hate to do the same thing all the time.
But traditions need to be kept & passed down to the grand children & hopefully
they in turn will continue them. 
I say grandchildren because unfortunately none of my children would do it.
Rhiannon & Shaemus will be the ones to carry on.
We didn't have Christmas last year as I couldn't face the day without Michael.
So we had no tree, no Christmas Lunch etc....
The word celebrate is no longer in my vocabulary.
This year I am going through the motions.
Our first tradition to start Christmas used to be taking the grandchildren to pick
out a tree from the Christmas tree farm.
Can't do that anymore without Michael, he loved looking for a tree as much as the boys did.
- so went a bought a fake tree.

Next tradition -
Rhiannon (18) decorates the tree, she has done since she was about 4 years old

As usual she has done an amazing job

Now I can wrap the presents & under the tree they go......

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