Saturday, 4 June 2011

Birthday - Rock of Ages

It's my birthday today & last night my daughter, Hayley took me to see
Rock of Ages at the Comedy Theatre.
I love these times I am able to spend with my daughter they are so special.

I know these shows are expensive but honestly if you have a chance to go just do it.
The music is amazing. You know, it's when rock was rock !!!
Michael would have LOVED IT - Loud Rock music & girls in skimpy lingerie.
It was like being at a Rock concert, loud, loud music. Took me back to times gone by
I remember when ...............
The only thing I would have changed is what I wore .
Should have thought about it - & dragged out the leather jacket, boots, black eyeliner &
some chains. Stop laughing !! I used to look hot in that get up.....

We had a girls night out - Hayley's friend Kim, Rhiannon & my sister Debbie.

This is the first time Debbie & I have been together on my birthday for 11 years.

It was special.
We had dinner first at Yum Cha (next to Her Majesty's Theatre )
It was absolutely fabulous.
 For those that know me the only Chinese I eat is Honey Chicken !!
But I decided to just do it & had Yum Cha & Peking Duck Yum Cha
(I think is what was called)

I didn't have time to take pics of the Peking Duck - we scoffed it so fast !!!
Michael would have been proud of me. It was so yummy !!

Worked out the Chopsticks at last !!

Thank you so much girls for such a wonderful night, love you !!

This is what I woke up to this morning, from Rhiannon -

Yep you guessed it - I cried !!!
Michael always did this on my birthday morning,
breakfast & my present on the table when I got up.
Thank you Cherub, I love you.


Tracey Feeger said...

I missed this but that is so sweet and it made me teary reading it so makes sense that you cried.


kaz said...

Thanks Tracey