Thursday, 17 February 2011

A night out

Had a wonderful time last night. Hayley took me to see Mary Poppins.
So special to spend some mother / daughter time - love being with her !!
Everything went so well. Got a parking spot practically outside Her Majesty's Theatre.
We had dinner in this dodgy chinese place, (next door to theatre) - the waitress was wearing big black glasses with no glass in them.
For what may have been the first time ever, I introduced Hayley to a dish
she hadn't tried before - San Chow Bow ( think that's what its called )
chicken mice wrapped in lettuce leaf - Michael loved these.
Hayley ordered Pork belly & rice & I had Lemon chicken & noodles
( I meant singapore noodles but was given spaghetti )
The Lemon chicken was actually a chicken schnitzel cut in strips which I
think they must have grabbed from the restaurant next door called Schnitzel !!!!
The meal was quite nice though.
Glass of Sav Blanc & we were very happy.
Mary Poppins was amazing - the sets, the costumes absolutely amazing
Thank you baby girl, had a wonderful night !!

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