Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I'm Back !!

Arrived home late yesterday from my first trip interstate, Brisbane, on my own.
I booked in to do a class with Jane Tregenza, Design Team Member for Graphic45.
Left on Sunday, class was Monday & came home Tuesday.
Class was great.
I only have one pic to show you atm - ( found out I am a terrible student - only got 1 project finished !!)
Not used to creating with a time limit !!
So hopefully I will finish the other project in the morning.
Fabulous lunch was put on by Printblocks - they are really a nice group of girls.
Got a bit hysterical trying to find my way around Brisbane, but I survived.
Being in the motel room was a bit upsetting though.

This is the layout we did.  I haven't stuck down the "Mother" word as not sure what picture I will use.
Loved this layout - The Mechanical mind paper is awesome.
Will post class times for this layout shortly.

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