Monday, 20 September 2010


I have been away, had to go to Sydney for Michael's youngest son, Josh's engagement party.
Rhiannon came with me.
It was an extremely emotional night for all of us.
Chloe, Josh's fiance` looked amazing.
She has changed the colour of her hair, or should I say Josh did it for her.
It was jet black & now -
She looked stunning.

In this photo - Josh is making his speech, standing with Chloe & her parents, to the left &  Lynne, his mum on the right.
Then with his brothers, twins, Rodney & Rick.
The food was so good, the music, Josh is a musician, so music was awesome.
Everyone had a great time.
It was wonderful to catch up with everyone again.
I was able to have a chat with Michael 's nephew, Ben who has his own business, Duncan & Fisher, designing jewelery.
He can help you design your special piece, find that special diamond or diamonds, organize the piece to be made by a master jeweler affiliated with Duncan & Fisher and deliver your beautiful piece of diamond jewelry directly to you with Diamond certificates ( GIA, DCLA, EGL ) and Insurance Valuation Certificate.
Rick & Lisa were very happy with their wedding rings.
I have seen his fiance`s ring & my oh my !!!!
So contact Ben if you are in the market for Diamonds !!!

On Saturday, Michael 's sister Marjorie, who is an artist, had some of her work in an exhibition at West Mead Hospital, so went went along to that.
It was great. Rhiannon especially enjoyed talking to Marjorie about painting, techniques etc.
There was a fete on the grounds of the hospital & there were wisteria trees everywhere.
Next to Magnolias, Wisteria is my absolute favorite.

While in Sydney we also had to catch up with another Josh, Rhiannon's uncle, she hadn't seen him for 10 years.
So we met him at Homebush, he was going to the Metallica concert.
Rhiannon was green with envy, she wanted desperately to go with him, but I didn't have a spare $200 for the ticket !!

Now back to reality - classes, orders,new products etc

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