Saturday, 25 September 2010

Happy Birthday Hayley

It was my youngest daughters birthday today.
Poor girl has had to share her birthday with Grand Final weekend all her life.
My grandsons are down from Myrtleford for the school holidays so we went to Hayleys
early to wish her happy birthday.
Rhiannon decorated the house, made Hayley's cake & painted this beautiful canvas - Hayley was thrilled.

Rhiannon was able to get some advice from Michaels sister, Marjorie, who is an artist, while we were in Sydney last week, this is the result.
The picture does not do it justice.
The flower is textured with glad wrap then painted over & the background is a collage of all my stamps.

 So pleased the cake turned out so perfect....

Here are some more pics from today.

 Hayley cutting the cake - 4 layered White Chocolate cake

My precious boys Tristan & Shaemus.
No that is not Shaemus' drink !!!


arrjayy said...

im just so amazing. hahaha!

love you nan xo

kaz said...

yes you are Cherub !!!