Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lila Emily O'Sullivan

I have just been waiting for the right photo -
Michael's son, Rick & his partner Lisa have just had their first child,
a daughter,
Lila Emily O'Sullivan.
This precious little baby is Michael's first grandchild.
We are going to Sydney this weekend to see them, we can't wait.


Tracey Feeger said...

Gorgeous. Congratulations to Michael.

Wendy said...

She is absolutely adorable. What a beautiful pic. Have a safe trip and take care.

Wendy said...

Oh she is divine. What a gorgeous pic. Have a safe trip and take care.

Studio Sylvia said...

What a gorgeous photo! Such a dear little girl. Just lovely. Many blessings to her.
Congratulations to all.

kaz said...

Thanks everyone, it is a stunning pic isn't it - obviously I didn't take it !!!