Thursday, 5 March 2009

Where is the time going !!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe another week has come & gone.
Does anyone else feel like we are going from Monday to Friday with no days in between !!
Anyway here we are ..
Received email from Rachel Grieg (Darkroom Door) reminding all of us that our ATC Filmstrip Swaps are due by Tuesday 10th March...
OMG forgot all about it.. We had to make 10 ATC's with DRD Filmstrips ..
no problem I thought - went out to the workshop put my hand up to get the Venetian Strips - none
OK Rockstar - none - OK Flowers - none
Great, I have montage, Photochips but no Filmstrips.
So then I had to go on the hunt to find some evenually found them at Little Bits in Keysborough -
Thanks Girls !!
So Rhiannon & I have just finished & I will mail them in the morning - Hope they get there in time.
Can't post pics until Rachel has posted them on her site next week or so.
Rhiannons are gorgeous.

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