Friday, 27 March 2009

SIA Trip - Nightmare ????

Well we finally left home at 3.15 pm after lots of mucking around making sure emails had been answered, kids knew what products were where & how to pack & post orders ....
We made it to Thompson Rd-Frankston - Dandy Rd Carrum Downs then we had an
A "p" plater ran into the back of our car while we had stopped at the roundabout.
We are all ok. The young guy who hit us had only had his car for a few weeks.
I hope the trip can only get better cause we still have a long way to go. We are staying in Albury & will drive into Sydney tomorrow.
Take care


Mette Thomas said...

Crap Karen you are all ok bloody pain though - assuming the car is ok or you wouldnt be still driving it. Hadnt realised you were driving all the way up there urghhhh hope the trip was a good one and got better !!!!

Mette Thomas said...

Crap Karen assume you are all ok, crap way to start the holiday. Didnt realise you were driving all the way hope the trip is a good one and it only got better.

Mette x

Mette Thomas said...

oops didnt mean to do it twice thought it didnt work