Thursday, 26 February 2009

Scrappers Unite

I have just received this email from one of the girls, Mette, that comes to my classes every Friday (just to verify she is genuine)
We have all been inundated with requests to donate things & sometimes I am not sure if it is what the people affected would really want.
But Mette is a real, caring & generous person so you can know that anything you would care to donate will get to the people who want it.
So lets all get into that stash & give all that we might use someday to these fellow scrappers who have lost everything.

Email from Mette -

OK guys here's some work for you all, a girl I know Sherrie (a friend of a friend) organised a truck to go up to the bushfires region last week. Well actually it ended up being 5 truck loads of goods mostly furniture and clothing but also lots of other useful items.
Most of the furniture went to a house her cousin owns in Buxton, the house was empty so they fitted it out with furniture to provide refuge for 5 families as long as they needed it.

Many people came together to donate their time and furniture for the house. All the items that were not needed for the house were donated to others in the area. The items were gratefully received, many people were extremely thankful for her hard work and generosity.

While she was up there she was told that many of the women were scrapbookers and with so much time on their hands were looking for something to do. Most had of course lost all their scrapping supplies as well - one would hope they managed to get their albums out but as the fires came so quickly i doubt it. ALL donations will be greatly appreciated for the scrappers in the Buxton/Alexandra/Nabathong
/King Lake/Yea areas.

Sherrie is making another trip up to the effected area soon and will take with her any donated scrapping supplies. As she isn't a scrapper I said i would do my best to get the word out to as many as i can.

Please email me at and i will send you my address details to send the donations to.

Thank you in advance
Mette Thomas x Please spread the word

Updates will be posted on my blog please check back

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