Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Garage Sale

We have decided to start the new year off by having a Garage Sale.
I went through the workshop today & put everything I haven't used for a year in boxes & out they go !!!
Mind you I am not sure how to go about having a garage sale so until I work it out ( do we need council permit ????) I have uploaded some scrap stuff to Michael's website - under Garage Sale.
There is still more to upload but that's all for tonight.
I also have a million craft books- hardcover- which I will start uploading tomorrow night, most of which have never been opened.
It's Time !! Time to let go - of all sorts of stuff I have been hanging onto for so long.
At least that's how I feel now it could all change tomorrow !!!!



Lita said...

I had a looky se and am drooling over that cricut...if only...

No permits needed for a garage sas long as it's on your land

Kathie said...

Hey Karen! Something on my blog for you!!